• Artwork by Wade Jeffree

  • Photo by Xavier Garcia


First shared as part of the Adult Swim Singles Program, “Zoro” caps a year of electronic experimentation for Chester Raj Anand that began with his spontaneous and wide-eyed Amadeus EP. “I was listening to a lot of grime so I wanted to approach that in my own way,” says Anand (aka Lord RAJA). He cut the instrumental before touring in 2016. Then, when sifting through files in a Dublin hotel room, he came upon an acapella from his old friend David AKA TCMR. The down-pitched, narcotic combination was tested live later that night. “I knew it was special because people after my set were asking 'what was that one song?'”

Anand flips contemplative and cool for the B-side. "’1 Night’ was produced after a recent move out from my basement apartment to one with windows. Looking out the window helps me produce in a more natural way, it kind of grounds everything in an environmental context and brings a certain truth out. I wanted to make something that has both driving and soothing elements... something that reminds me of Autumn.”



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