"Par Avion" is a new single from the forthcoming album Par Avion. The title alludes to postcards sent by airmail from exotic places – shimmering moments from the present,  romantic messages from the past, love mementos for the future.

Recorded live in the all-analogue Xeno & Oaklander studio in Brooklyn New York, Sean McBride’s signature sequenced staccato synth basslines are set against warm arpeggios and a de rigueur snappy and cold snare drum. Liz Wendelbo’s ghostly string synth arrangements and unusual chord progressions abound with analogue delay note bends. Distant strings interweave with winds of noise to produce a perfect balance between Sean’s sequenced stark compositions and Liz’s ethereal and whispery vocal presence.

Par Avion

Xeno & Oaklander

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