Venturing away from its established roster, Ghostly is proud to present five up-and-coming acts from across the stylistic map on New Faces, the latest in a unique series of digital-only EPs. Recent Ghostly signing JDSY opens with "Me See", a charming slice of carnival-pop, while The Reflecting Skin follows with the dark, M83-influenced shuffle of "Year of the Knife". Kranky's Benoit Pioulard contributes a lo-fi arrangement of mossy vocal harmonies and damaged-tape drones on "Little a Strongly More Grow I", and Manhunter weighs in with the classic dancefloor punch of "Body Double". Rounded out by the rich melodic layers and scattershot rhythms of Wisp [who earned notoriety with his reinterpretations of Aphex Twin], New Faces is a concise, varied overview of artists from and about whom we'll soon be hearing much more.

New Faces EP

Various Artists

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