Cartoon Network's genre-defying [Adult Swim] programming rearranges comedy's basic building blocks into oddities like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!; Ghostly International's artists scramble the language of dance and pop music into something strange and artful. It was only a matter of time before the two found each other and made adorably freakish babies.The Ghostly Swim compilation is a collaboration between Ghostly International and [Adult Swim], a 20-track mix (curated by label founder Sam Valenti IV) of tracks from Ghostly's avant-pop mainstays like Matthew Dear, Michna, and School of Seven Bells, alongside kindred spirits like Milosh, FLYamSAM, and Mux Mool. Ghostly Swim's best tracks embody the label's trademark mix of playful darkness and irreverence – Deastro's lurching robot-rock anthem "Light Powered," The Chap's bizarro-world pop hit "Carlos Walter Wendy Stanley," Michna's slinky-smooth "Triple Chrome Dipped" – making them an ideal accompaniment to, say, pissing in your pants over Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law.Ghostly Swim was initially released in early 2008 as an exclusive free download on [Adult Swim]'s website. Now, the groundbreaking compilation is available both on iTunes and as a limited-edition CD, and includes a bonus track: Solvent's banging cover of Madonna's "Hung Up."

Ghostly Swim

Various Artists

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Track List
Michna - Triple Chrome Dipped $0.99 Buy MP3
Dabrye - Temper $0.99 Buy MP3
The Chap - Carlos Walter Wendy Stanley $0.99 Buy MP3
Dark Party - Active $0.99 Buy MP3
Tycho - Cascade [Live Version] $0.99 Buy MP3
JDSY - All Shapes $0.99 Buy MP3
Deastro - Light Powered $0.99 Buy MP3
Matthew Dear - R+S $0.99 Buy MP3
FLYamSAM - The Offbeat $0.99 Buy MP3
Cepia - Ithaca $0.99 Buy MP3
Aeroc - Idiom $0.99 Buy MP3
The Reflecting Skin - Traffickers $0.99 Buy MP3
School of Seven Bells - Chain $0.99 Buy MP3
Ben Benjamin - Squirmy Sign Language $0.99 Buy MP3
Kill Memory Crash - Hit + Run $0.99 Buy MP3
Osborne - Wait A Minute $0.99 Buy MP3
Milosh - Then It Happened $0.99 Buy MP3
10:32 - Blue Little $0.99 Buy MP3
Mux Mool - Night Court $0.99 Buy MP3
Solvent - Hung Up [Exclusive to the Ghostly Store] $0.99 Buy MP3

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