SMM is an acronym whose true meaning is closely guarded. More than that, it's an encapsulation of modern non-traditional music composition. It is one camp of the Ghostly International label roster (the other being Avant-Pop), represented by the melodic works of electronic artists including The Sight Below, Christopher Willits, Kiln, Cepia, Twine and others.

Since its inception in 2004 as a series of 12" releases, SMM has projected a uniquely organic aesthetic; an ambient electronic sound characterized by natural sounds and textural complexity. The layers of beautiful detail central to SMM are both enhanced by casual listening and deep focus.

This collection totals just under 1.5GB in size. Please make sure you have ample space on your local drive as well as a generous amount of time for the files to download.

I-XIII: The SMM Collection

Various Artists

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