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When dance music's creative vanguard get their paws on the Spectral Sound catalogue, the results are rarely less than spectacular. Spectral Essentials: Remixes One cherry-picks some of the best Spectral-affiliated remixes—that is, Spectral artists both remixed and remixing—and ties them up with a pretty ribbon. Standouts include James T. Cotton's subterranean take on Brian Aneurysm's "Das Element Des Menschen" Osborne's house-y "Simulacrum Mix" of The Vanisher's "The Tic-Tac Tactic", Peter Grummich's click-clacking remix of Matthew Dear's "It's Over Now", and Barem's desert-dry remix of Kate Simko's "She Said".

Spectral Essentials: Remixes One


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Track List
Bodycode – Hands Free Computer Interface (The Mole Remix)
Bryan Aneurysm – Das Element Des Menschen (James T. Cotton Remix)
Daso and Pawas – Det (Schatrax Remix)
Heiroglyphic Being – Liquid Sex (Portable Remix)
Kenneth Graham – Carrier Wave (Bryan Zentz Reconstruction)
James T. Cotton – Buck! (Reinhardt Voigt Remix)
Lee Curtiss – Black Door Beauty (Dyed Soundorom Remix)
Osborne – Outta Sight (Luke Vibert Remix)
Kate Simko – She Said (Barem Remix)
Audion – Fred's Bells (Onur Ozer Remix)
Matthew Dear – It's Over Now (Peter Grummich Remix)
The Vanisher – The Tic-Tac Tactic (Osborne's Simulacrum Remix)

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