One of the few true classics of the new synth era, Solvent's My Radio (from Ghostly's Tangent 2002: Disco Nouveau) has become one of the most lasting impressions of the last few years in electro. In keeping with Ghostly's commitment to pushing songs in the electronic realm, a coda release for the song, plus a new single, For You, was conceived between Amm and the label.Radio Ga Ga is a concept release as much as it is a remix collection. Encouraged to create "interpretations" of the Solvent oeuvre, the featured artists have held true to the spirit of the original songs but also have added something completely new to their renditions. Mute's electronic-pop wunderkind, Schneider TM, dusted off his Fender Mustang for his rework of My Radio, complete with new lyrics and attitude, while Holland's electro master, Legowelt, turned the melancholy ode to the yesterday's radio into an F.U. body-music resistance track.Re-rubs of For You, a bizarre but funky love song, finds Suction co-founder, Lowfish, fattening the original up for the clubs and Morr Music mainstays, ISAN, stripping the song into almost an ambient seasoning of its former self.Moody, emotive, playful and even sexy, Solvent's music seems to find that perfect place between wit and sincerity. Producing music with an ice-cold production style but warm rich centers.

Radio Ga Ga Pt. 2


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