In the wake of his hit Apples & Synthesizers LP, Toronto's Solvent returns with Elevators And Oscillators. This disc collects of six Solvent originals and seven remixes, some brand new and some culled from the Radio Ga Ga and Think Like Us 12"s. The breadth of remix material here is stunning enough, but Solvent himself steals the show with some of his best material to date, making for an eclectic experience easily on par with the album that bore it.The classic "My Radio" (originally from the Disco Nouveau compilation) sees a dark interpretation from Legowelt (Clone, Bunker), a squelching reworking by The Mitgang Audio (Suction), and a stunning cover by Schneider TM (Mute, City Slang), who mutates the song into an irresistible indie-rock epic. Alter Ego (Klang Elektronik, Harthouse) weigh in with a storming version of "Think Like Us", while Lowfish (Suction), ISAN (Morr, Darla), and Ghostly newcomer JDSY test their mettle on mixes of "For You", offering differing strains of skittering pop, fluttering acid, and bubbling electro.Master of Ceremonies Solvent raises the ante with four brand new pieces; "Wish" is a gentle lamentation and the centerpiece of the record, while "Devices And Strategies" exercises the quirkier edge of the Solvent sound with a dark, bouncing bass refrain and hiccupping percussion section. "Apples And Oranges" is a hazier, more mysterious piece, and "Elevators And Oscillators" closes the record with subtle grace.

Elevators And Oscillators


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For You (Lowfish remix) $0.99 Buy MP3
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My Radio (Legowelt remake) $0.99 Buy MP3
Think Like Us (Alter Ego remix) $0.99 Buy MP3
Interlude $0.99 Buy MP3
Devices And Strategies $0.99 Buy MP3
For You (ISAN remix) $0.99 Buy MP3
Apples And Oranges $0.99 Buy MP3
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