PostPrior is a new project, comprised of Midwest Product's main man Ben Mullins and vocalist/wunder-drummer Michael Kuzmanovski (the descendent of circus acrobats – no lie). Blending 80s melancholy with razor-sharp programming and composition skills, the duo craft a totally unique kind of pop on their debut EP, Touched Pilot. The meticulous beat constructions, staccato key stabs and healthy dose of Prince-isms that shape tracks like "Climber" and "Pilot" show the same finesse that multi-instrumentalist Mullins displayed with his former band, and give us a distillation of his sonic vision. Equal parts catchy, quirky, and epic – with subject matter ranging from film/TV actor Elliott Gould to George Willig, who scaled the World Trade Center with a set of homemade claws in the late 70s – these five songs offer the kind of expanse and grandeur rarely heard on an EP, and are a welcome offering from the camp of one of Ghostly's very first signings.

Touched Pilot EP


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