Phone-Home: Ghostly XylophonePhone-Home: Ghostly XylophonePhone-Home: Ghostly XylophonePhone-Home: Ghostly Xylophone

Phone-Home: Ghostly Xylophone


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Phone-Home: Ghostly Edition $250.00 Add to Cart

Ghostly partnered up once again with Brandnewnoise (makers of uniquely inventive musical instruments like the Zoots kalimba and Looped Visions recorder box) to release the Phone-Home xylophone, an eight-key handheld instrument with built-in looping, pitch control, and delay. It’s intuitive enough for a kid to pick up, but flexible enough to inspire even a seasoned musician like Lord RAJA to fall down a rabbit hole of spaced-out psychedelic textures. Similar to our past collaborations with Brandnewnoise, the Phone-Home: Ghostly Edition’s wooden enclosure sports an all-black paint job and a hot-iron branded Ghostly logo.


To Use:


  1. Hold the red record button and play with the aluminum mallet provided.

  2. Toggle the switch up for continuous play.

  3. Press the black playback/stop button to hear your recording.

  4. Go bananas turning the pitch shift knob and silver delay controls.




  • Dimensions: 8.5" x 3" x 2.25"
  • 2-AAA batteries included
  • Tuned to a D Major scale
  • 30-second record and loop time
  • Pitch and Delay knobs
  • Handmade in Dallas, TX with sustainable wood

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