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Well over a year after the release of Osborne's sublime self-titled album on Spectral Sound, and the music still sounds fresh—nostalgic without being overly reverential, accessible, creative dance music with a pervading sense of humor and wonderment. No wonder, then, that Osborne spawned a suite of remixes that rival the originals' unadulterated creative moxie.

Osborne: The Ghostly Remixes opens with Bullion's rerub of the appropriately titled "Afrika." The UK producer replaces the track's mesh of African-percussion samples with a cocky electro-soul strut and an earworm of a bassline—the results still reek of a psychedelic revolution, but its locale is decidedly American. Bogdan Raczynski's remix of "Ruling" is a real curveball, as the Rephlex acolyte turns the original's warm Chicago trappings into a cascade of cubist dots and lines, lowering the track's iconic vocal sample to a disturbing basso profundo. Werk Discs' Lukid transforms "There" from a dreamy New Order nod into a buzzing, anxious slice of instrumental hip-hop.

The digital version of The Ghostly Remixes includes Luke Vibert's high-energy take on "Outta Sight" and Arto Mwambe's handclap-house edit of "Wait a Minute" (a highlight from the Hovercrafting EP); the vinyl edition features Lukid's remix of the acid-washed "Junk Food," here re-imagined as the soundtrack for a seedy robot dive bar.

The Ghostly Remixes


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Track List
Afrika (Bullion Remix)
Ruling (Bogdan Raczynski Remix)
There (Lukid Remix)
Junk Food (Lukid Remix) [VINYL EXCLUSIVE]
Outta Sight (Luke Vibert Remix) [DIGITAL BONUS]
Wait A Minute (Arto Mwambé Remix) [DIGITAL BONUS]

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