All Hail the return of Todd Osborn, affectionately known as Osborne to Spectral fans, or as Soundmurderer when he feels like it. Todd's a man of many passions: aviation, refurbishing electron microscopes and bmx bikes, and not least of all, making shit tons of good music in every imaginable genre.Outta Sight is pure magic, slinking percussion, string pads and a that piano melody that recalls everything from Aphexian rhapsodies to lost Paradise Garage classics. First appearing as a hidden track on Ghostly's Idol Tryouts Two compilation, Outta Sight finally gets its proper due and just as the name says, its a new sound in its own right.Not to be outdone, Osborne's mate Luke Vibert (Rephlex, Warp) comes to the party in his Kerrier District clothes and ups the ante with a bubbling piece of disco cut-up like only he can do, creating an evocative mood with his stuttering vocal hooks and big beats. While the flip belongs to Todd and his producer partner-in-crime, James T. Cotton, together Voltron-ing it as TNT. L8 (pronounced "Late") is summer jakbeat at its best.

Outta Sight


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