Osborne's Osborne is a celebration of all that is good in American house and techno music: past, present and future. The original title of Osborne's debut LP was to be Multitasking, an ode to both the various styles on display, but also a nod to the man himself. Like a personal sketchbook of Osborne's musical history, the album evokes the sensation of an electronic yesteryear, when dance-music production was treated with a sense of discovery.The album careens joyfully between formats. One moment, Osborne is crafting a serene, synthesizer daydream in "5th Stage," the next instance staging a bouncy ode to preset buttons in "Our Definition of a Breakdown," featuring his friend Ed DMX. He invites us to dance down the streets of Lagos with his percussive "Afrika," and run an acid goose chase with "Junk Food." Osborne dips his toes into the warm pools of vintage Chicago and New York, as well, creating instant dance-floor classics like vocal-house number "Ruling" and the syncopated, anthemic "Outta Sight." Osborne's roots run deep, and this album, written on his own music software on a hand-built computer, is testament to a life of walking the walk—proof positive that, sometimes, we need to look back to truly move forward.



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16th Stage $1.99 Buy WAV
Downtown $1.99 Buy WAV
Evenmore $1.99 Buy WAV
L8 $1.99 Buy WAV
Suffer $1.99 Buy WAV
Our Definition of a Breakdown Feat. Ed DMX $1.99 Buy WAV
Ruling $1.99 Buy WAV
Afrika $1.99 Buy WAV
Air Pistol $1.99 Buy WAV
Detune $1.99 Buy WAV
Outta Sight $1.99 Buy WAV
Junk Food $1.99 Buy WAV
Fresh $1.99 Buy WAV
There $1.99 Buy WAV
5th Stage $1.99 Buy WAV

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