The debut single from Ann Arbor's Osborne, which was brought to the spotlight after finding its way into Richie Hawtin's DJ sets. DMX Krew (Rephlex, Breakin' Records) provides a slick electro-disco track for the B-side.It's no secret that Chicago invented house music decades ago. The now legendary tales of such men as Knuckles, Hardy, Heard and Jefferson have now echoed the hallways of electronic music for years. But somewhere along the way, something was lost. Lush production, unnecessary, monotonous rhythms and absurd vocal house diva acrobatics took over, leaving the raw intensity and passion of staying up all night into the next afternoon to be replaced with overpriced drinks and +1 on guest lists.With our fourth release on the Spectral imprint, we present to you two producers who are looking not to relive those moments of yesteryear, but to remind us what those years were truly about. Riding high off his critically acclaimed release for Throw, Todd Osborn presents an amazing bump and grit composition already showcased as a peak time platter in Richie Hawtin's sets.The flipside of the 12" features internationally reknown UK Based DMX Krew with "I Won't Forget", an erotic dance floor filler that harkens back to the time when Prince was a patron saint of the dancefloor, and all that truly mattered was the music.

Bout Ready To Jak


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