Mux Mool's music practically screams "open source." There's something in its scrappy, kitchen-sink construction and schizophrenic, grab-anything-that's-around spirit that begs reinterpretation, recombining, remixing. Enter the Wax Rose Saturday EP, the follow-up to Skulltaste, Brian Lindgren's full-length debut as Mux Mool. Seven remixes, one new track, and endless insight into the fearless producer's multi-faceted work.

It's telling that Wax Rose Saturday's opening track, Mux Mool's "remux" of _Skulltaste_'s "Wax Rose Saturday", is barely a distant cousin of the original. Slinking around a sly piano sample with spiraling vocoder in tow, Mux's new "Wax Rose" is the warm, analog answer to its blippy, bitcrushed source. Daso's rerub of "Enceladus" is a standout, twisting the original's winking disco workout into a nocturnal tech-house banger, all elastic basslines and dubby keys; Shigeto's take on "Morning Strut" adds polyrhythmic percussion and hard-panned audio tricks to the track's piano-led melancholy. Wax Rose Saturday's new track, the slow-burning "Valley Girls", is classic Mux Mool, located somewhere between West Coast '90s hip-hop and Miami Vice.

Wax Rose Saturday EP

Mux Mool

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Wolf Tone Symphony (Paul White Remix) $0.99 Buy MP3
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Hog Knuckles (Alex B Remix) $0.99 Buy MP3

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