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Cassette Notes:
  • Emerald cassette shell with gold ink inserted in to a clear Norelco case with J-card 

Movements II by Xeno & Oaklander is Part 2 of the ambient electronic piece Movements, which was released on Ghostly International last year. Movements II is released as a cassette available for sale exclusively at concerts on Xeno & Oaklander’s 2017 Spring European Tour. 

The cassette is inspired by the idea of a cure for poison, or an antidote, which is what Theriac means. 


Movements II opens with "Theriac I" - an orchestral and dark synth track that brings an introduction to the cinematic world that is Movements II


 It is followed by "Theriac II" which shimmers like rays of sun through trees after a dark night.  


"Theriac III" is an anthemic, wavy dance track reminiscent of the duo’s most recent album Topiary.


The title track "Movements II" concludes this release in four ambient segments that mix field recordings captured during the making of Topiary with lush orchestral synth textures. It is off to an epic start with washes of strings and horns. It is then followed by quiet swells and echoing rumble in the distance. The swells intensify into creeping organ chords which lead into a final driving, dark dance track.

Movements II

Xeno & Oaklander

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