Tower SeriesTower SeriesTower SeriesTower SeriesTower Series

Tower Series

Matthew Shlian

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White Oscillating Tower $65.00 Add to Cart
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White Spiral Tower $65.00 Add to Cart
Black Spiral Tower $65.00 Add to Cart

Matthew Shlian + Eight Emperors present the Tower Series, the signature line from Eight Emperors, a newly formed collaborative art collection by Matthew Shlian and Thea Augustina Eck. 

Composed of acid free archival papers and glue, the handheld kinetic sculptures are available in two structural formations—a spiral or an oscillating design. The seven sided collapsible form is constructed with equal parts art and engineering. Its unique bi-stable form is reliant on principals of tension and tensegrity. 

Each sculpture comes packaged in a specially made box, signed by Matthew Shlian.

Dimensions: 3" x 3" x 12" high

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