EP2 finds Matthew taking his sound into a dimly-lit back alley and beating the stuffing out of it. Matthew returns from the dark wielding 5 more dark strains of dancefloor havoc. This is deep, pulp techno; messy, steamed minimalism.After taking a brief stint from Ghostly International/Spectral Sound to release material on Berlin's heavily touted Perlon label (Jabberjaw) and Richie Hawtin's Plus 8 imprint (FALSE), Matthew Dear returns with two sister EPs in the mode of sonic reveler.The original picture sleeves for EP1 and EP2 featured blinding white images of Dear in absent face, staring back from the black, straying from the normal Spectral stock image. As unique as the music captured within, these images have survived the test of time as engagingly odd, and remain iconic bases for future releases by Dear.These 2 EPS have pushed the doors of his obsession further and were the first step towards his stunning debut LP.


Matthew Dear

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Krist (Ceiling) $1.99 Buy WAV
Making Out $1.99 Buy WAV
Pinch & Pillage $1.99 Buy WAV
Brang D $1.99 Buy WAV

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