Looped Visions - Recorder BoxLooped Visions - Recorder BoxLooped Visions - Recorder BoxLooped Visions - Recorder Box

Looped Visions - Recorder Box


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We recently introduced one of our favorite illustrators, Brandon Locher, to Richard Upchurch, whose brandnewnoise specializes in making fun, friendly instruments. The result is Looped Visions, which allows you to record, tweak, loop and play back any sound you’d like. This limited edition item features the intricate, hand-drawn designs of Brandon Locher on both the front and back. Looped Visions is perfect for all ages 3+ and is the ideal way to fill this holiday season with music of one's own making. 


See how easy it is to use with this brief tutorial:



Artist Statement:


"I drew both of the designs side by side to help create a visual balance so the front and back of the boxes would complement each other. Thinking of the object itself, able to record, loop playback and pitch bend the sounds around you inspired me to draw two pattern designs that focused on repating looping lines. The artwork showcases what is visually happening inside the box when the electronic circuitry is in use." 


You can watch Locher explain the process, and the concept behind it, in this video.



  • Dimensions: 3” x 3.5” x 2”
  • 2-AAA batteries included
  • Includes looping switch,  pitch control knob, ⅛” output jack for headphones/ speakers/ recording gear
  • 30-second record sample
  • Handmade with sustainable wood

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