Brandon Locher SlipmatBrandon Locher Slipmat

Brandon Locher Slipmat

Brandon Locher

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Locher Slipmat $14.00 Add to Cart
Pair of Locher Slipmats $26.00 Add to Cart
Brandon Locher's complex, hand-drawn art - which made a previous appearance in Ghostly's free wallpaper series  as well as a limited edition printhas contributed a rich, elegant design for this one-of-a-kind slipmat. With deep black line work, these slipmats are bold and austere, the perfect finishing touch for any turntable.

Brandon says, "I intended to create a design that had a visual movement that was suspended and paused in time... I started making the piece by drawing a white circle around the spindle so records can be thrown down smoothly while DJing in dimly lit situations." 



  • Drawn to size (12")
  • Made exclusively for The Ghostly Store

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