Not satisfied to relegate the genre solely to the nighttime hours, micro-house veteran Lawrence (Kompakt, Dial) emerges this fall on Ghostly International with his Spark EP.After a short introduction, Spark eases the listener into its title track with synth lines that approximate the somnolent joy of watching a sunrise, underscored by an increasingly complex arrangement of clicks that give way to the rhythmic bloodflow of the track. The body rises, eyes blink, and the world comes to life as countermelodies drift in and a bassline gently hums beneath the activity. “Wasting a Fall” then floats across the daytime hours with sunnier melodies that merge with drops of buzzing synths, giving way to “Five Leaves”, which occupies the evening hours with an air of confidence and a climactic, almost sinister bass groove.With Spark, Lawrence proves his mastery of atmospheres, while making a concise and convincing argument that dance beats, when placed in the right hands, have a versatility that makes them immensely relevant and undeniably enjoyable in any setting and for any listener.

Spark EP


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