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  • 2 x 12" standard weight clear vinyl is limited to 300 units exclusive to The Ghostly Store
  • Vinyl is inserted into printed art sleeves
  • 2-panel art sleeve printed jacket with a 5mm spine on a matte linen UV stock finish
  • Includes download card w/ vinyl
KILN expands upon its aural concepts of fluid, neverwhere textures with meadow:watt, its third full-length with Ghostly International. Building upon the sound they developed over 10 years ago with Sunbox, then expounded upon in 2007 with Dusker, the evocative spaces of meadow:watt bring the sonic art of Kevin Hayes, Kirk Marrison and Clark Rehberg III into even sharper focus. The nine tracks of meadow:watt continuously construct and deconstruct themselves, gliding through movements of disrupted organic & electrified elements. In many ways, meadow:watt is KILN's most melodic record yet with tracks like "Acre" and "Moth and Moon," which offer dreamy guitar notes bending like the sun's curves on a watery horizon. "Pinemarten" is driven by its percussion, strolling in a steady line where there is no path, and "Jux" offers a cascade of oxidized symphonics, tumbling through dubbed out atmospheres of liquid zipper treatments.

The mech-natura mosaics of meadow:watt create a resonating mirage of rhythmic sound that would be equally perfect for a walk in the park or a float down the river. Dusker and meadow:watt were conceived with a similar intent, but the latter is thicker and more elaborate, expanding upon the process and dusken theme of the former. The invitation to trustfall into their landscape is crafted with a landing that intends to evoke a new sense of connectedness. The beauty of KILN, which has been clearly mastered by this record, is the inspiration to experience the same songs differently upon repeated listens – an achievement that has distinguished certain artists in the vast timeline of ambient, krautrock, post-rock and electronic music in general.

The creative process of KILN is intuitive and synergistic; sounds may be sourced from guitars, drums, keys and field sampling, but their ability to filter up to 250 channels of discrete audio through a vintage Neve 8068 console and amalgamate the final product is the masterstroke. An analog array of outboard gear accentuates the organic warmth and low end of meadow:watt. Creating environments of immersive subliminal density, KILN rend and weave their sonics into an impressive scheme, awakening the mechanics of the listener’s sensory perception.



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