On "Cero/Flora," Jonas Kopp displays remarkable patience, heating his tracks slowly until they reach a rolling boil. Kopp's builds are his strength, and in both tracks on this Spectral single, the Argentine producer's sense of drama and pacing – not to mention his taste for tight, anxious rhythms – is riveting."Cero"'s first half is one long exercise in anticipation, a rolling 16th-note chug that pulls the tension tighter and tighter but provides little in the way of release. Static electricity crackles around the rims of a speedy, gleaming kick; elements gradually coalesce into an army of raid-fire percussion, hammering on every beat as a wry three-note theme leads the charge. B-side "Flora" takes things deeper, placing Kopp's paranoid syncopations in a damp, reverberant cave where shuddering bass stabs and frantic error-message blips compete with what sounds like a stifled sneeze. Must be cold in there.


Jonas Kopp

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