Lyrics read from a Chinese kids book? Warped pop-house that whirls and jumps with reckless abandon? Must be James Cotton, Ghostly’s warped answer to wobble-house. Combining goof-ball edits with addictive grooves, Cotton puts forth an ep that will appeal to fans of differing genres and will find its place in the boxes of adventurous DJs worldwide.The A-side features two mixes (one with, and one sans vocals) of “Mind Your Manners” which doubles as a good behavior guide for children of East Asia and the flip features a long running techno stormer that combines elements of classic Detroit techno with an informed British wit. A record for heads, hearts and floors indeed.Don't throw stick at dog. Teach little ones.Don't leave rice on table. Don't throw sand at eye.Wash vegetable first. Play nice with little one.Respect you elders. Study good school.Save one funds. Dance to music nice.

Mind Your Manners

James T. Cotton

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