James T. Cotton (JTC, Dabrye and, his real name, Tadd Mullinix) has been an integral part of the Spectral family since its origins, and after a string of successful releases on the Creme, Nation and UDEK labels, we are proud to unveil his new album, the fittingly-titled, Like No One.Cotton returns with another confident work, furthering his dark techno paranoia beyond ordinary realms, and this time he's brought a posse. 2004's The Dancing Box LP was a powerful look into the mind of this creative producer. Tracks like "Press Your Body" and "The Drain" suggested a dystopian landscape, marrying Belgian New Beat and Acid into a classic melange.As part of a new wave of producers exploring the "Jakbeat" sound, Cotton provides a reinterpretation of classic house and techno rhythms, which steers clear of retro cheekiness. Cotton has paired up with scene luminary, Traxx (as Saturn V), for the bouncing "Come Into My Life" and with his 2AM/FM counterpart, D'Marc Cantu, for the ecstatic "Sensational Rhythm".Cotton's solo ventures like "The Boxx" and "Got To Let You Know" are proof that Like No One plays like a document of the dance music moment, where genre falls away, and true energy and prowess thrive.

Like No One

James T. Cotton

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The Second Night Cycle (Feat. Ellis Monk) $1.99 Buy WAV
Don't Even Try (The Beat) $1.99 Buy WAV
The Boxx $1.99 Buy WAV
Got to Let You Know $1.99 Buy WAV
Come Into My Life $1.99 Buy WAV
Lojak Pt. 5 $1.99 Buy WAV
Sensational Rhythm (2AM/FM) $1.99 Buy WAV
Possessed Amplifier $1.99 Buy WAV

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