Heathered Pearls' 2012 album LOYAL was "... the perfect winter soundtrack… layering soft synthesizers, indistinct loops, and hazy who-knows-what …" according to SPIN. It's a record based around recreating the soothing qualities of the ocean at night as an immersive listening experience. The album has a quiet, organic beauty that's as much a celebration of melody as it is of atmosphere, and both those qualities are explored further in this suite of remixes.

Loyal Reworks contains 14 remixes of the tracks on Loyal, bringing together producers as diverse as Toronto-born musician Foxes in Fiction and Detroit techno doyen Terrence Dixon. Some of the reinterpretations are subtle reworkings of the original tracks — Foxes in Fiction's opening remix of "The Worship Bell," for instance, which adds an understated beat while otherwise retaining the charms of the original track. Sun Glitters' remix of "Beach Shelter" is reminiscent of Wolfgang Voigt's Gas records, recreating the song as moody ambient techno. Loscil's drone-centric interpretation of the same track is, if possible, even more stately and beautiful than the original, a slow-building wash of sound that feels like walking along an endless, empty beach on a winter's day.

Others deconstruct the tracks entirely, reshaping them into fascinating new forms — in particular, the two remixes of "Raising Our Ashes," which both retains the soft warmth of the original but recreate it for the dancefloor. Lawrence's remix is minimal house par excellence, while Terrence Dixon's remix takes a loop from Alexander's track and layering it over an intricate, liquid beat. Elsewhere, Teen Daze reinvent "Steady Veil" as quietly moody  electronica and Nitemoves' take on "The Worship Bell" is an elegant piece of late night dancefloor action.

As a whole, Loyal Reworks functions beautifully as an alternate exploration of an album whose depths continue to reveal themselves, just like the ocean on which it's based. 

Loyal Reworks

Heathered Pearls

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Raising Our Ashes (Lawrence Remix) $0.99 Buy MP3
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