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6 Months of MP3 + WAV Downloads $60.00 Add to Cart
Wish life was just a little easier? How about having new Ghostly and Spectral releases instantly sent to your inbox? 

    This digital music subscription includes full digital downloads of every upcoming Ghostly and Spectral release for 6 months following purchase. Upon purchase, you will receive a full digital download of our latest release(s).


    Latest Release(s):


    Upcoming Announced Releases


    Important Details: 

    • 6 Month Digital Subscription
    • Receive every Ghostly & Spectral digital EP/LP the day it is released
    • Singles are not included
    • Subscribing does not entitle nor does it entail receiving releases retroactively
    • Subscriptions are non-refundable, and there are no automatic renewals
    • Downloads are MP3 + WAV format unless otherwise specified

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