The latest addition to the Spectral Family is Cologne-based Daso Franke, otherwise known simply as Daso. Having released his first record only two years ago, Daso has quickly garnered international attention through releases on Traum's house-oriented sublabel My Best Friend (MBF), Session Deluxe, Connaisseur and Flash Recordings. His inaugural 12" for Spectral Sound, "Meine Idee EP," showcases his broad range of talents and combines them into one sensational EP.The title track, "Meine," is a brilliant new take on the international techno form, maintaining a streamlined sportscar-like fluidity across its eight minutes. The B-side offers two unique tracks, starting off with the electro-inspired "Idee" and its bubbling melodics. "Deine Schuhe" translates into "Your Shoes," perhaps a nod to the dancefloor or a bizarre childhood memory with its snappy hi-hats and mesmerizing compositional vortex.Daso truly comes into his own on his first Spectral record, expanding upon his marvelous reputation already earned in the house and techno scenes. Blending various elements throughout the EP creates a sound uniquely his own that dancefloors will no doubt covet.

Meine Idee EP


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