It’s rare that a demo sent through old-fashioned mail—let alone one with no return address or information attached—catches our ears. But that’s just what happened with “Ritual Feeling”, the first single by the mysterious Childproof Man.

“Ritual Feeling” is a slow-motion fall down a rabbit hole, a whopping 17 minutes of dank, molasses-speed rhythms and barely perceptible textural shifts. No build, no release—"Ritual Feeling" is all tension and mood, and its effect is the very definition of 'hypnotic.’ B-side “Who’s Been Meaning To” ups the energy but not the sense of relentless, endless groove chugging through a relatively tame 14 minutes of hairy thumps and flailing vocal samples.

We don’t know who this guy is, but we admire Childproof Man’s patience and style. Two tracks in 30 minutes never went by so quickly.

Ritual Feeling

Childproof Man

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Track List
Ritual Feeling
Who's Been Meaning To

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