The Freeze Frame EP is the second release from the anonymous producer known only as Childproof Man. An exercise in organic tension and release, A-side "Bloom" makes good on its name by building to a series of increasingly ecstatic climaxes. Over the course of its eight-and-a-half minutes, "Bloom" blooms again and again, broadening its sonic horizons with each iteration. The track's foundation—a loose-limbed shuffle of a house beat—seems to grow in power as it picks up congas, shakers, vocal samples, and low-end dirt along the way. B-side "Fat Head" is a different story altogether: a creaking, squawking beast of a track, "Fat Head" exudes sweat and digital soul. Wait for the out-of-tune saxophones wailing at the end—it's well worth it.

Freeze Frame

Childproof Man

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