As the first single released in advance of Jesu: Pale Sketches DeMixed, Justin K. Broadrick's Ghostly debut as Pale Sketcher, "Can I Go Now (Gone Version)" is more than a fine introduction. The track contains everything Pale Sketcher does best: trash-compactor beats, gently swelling synth pads, and an air of beautiful, post-apocalyptic decay. Broadrick's vocals float above it all, vocoded and reverbed, lending a touch of humanity to the song's mechanized melancholy.

Danish duo Syntaks' remix of "Can I Go Now" employs a double-time rhythm and a cloud of shoegazey guitars to bring the track to ethereal new heights; while Donnacha Costello's take tosses Broadrick's vocal into a pool of sky-blue synthesizers, recalling Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works while adding a romantic tilt to the song's downcast melody.

Can I Go Now (Gone Version)

Pale Sketcher

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