Alan Abrahams (aka Bodycode) is a restless spirit. His tracks have itchy feet and busy brains, chugging along at a brisk clip while cramming in enough rhythmic detail that make one's head spin. Alan grew up in post-Apartheid South Africa, where polyrhythmic percussion first entered his bloodstream; he then lived in Portugal for years, sweating it out in Lisbon's club scene while absorbing the sounds of electronic dance music and releasing tracks via numerous aliases. Three years after releasing 2006's The Conservation of Electric Charge on Spectral Sound, the man known as Bodycode moved from Lisbon to Berlin. Now, Teutonic house music's taut, jacking rhythms form the core of Immune, Alan's new full-length as Bodycode.Immune opens with the super-sub-bass pulse and cool atmospherics of "Meaning and Memory," a track which already sounds worlds away from Conservation's tech-y clicks 'n cuts. Following "Meaning and Memory"'s sleek efficiency is "Hyperlight," a galloping, end-over-end beat chasing endlessly after an elusive vocal sample ("get up!") that always seems one step ahead of the kick drum. Vocal samples humanize Immune's technological edge, providing heavy-lidded narration on lead single "What Did You Say" and lending the click-clacking "Imitation Lover" an old-school diva charm.Immune's closing moments are some of its loveliest, as the title track dresses up its drum-machine beat in chillingly distant piano chords and some low-slung gospel harmonies. Fittingly, Bodycode's biggest musical step forward features a chorus of baritones warbling, "Nothing in this world is immune from change."



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