Sculpture - Body ComplexSculpture - Body ComplexSculpture - Body ComplexSculpture - Body Complex

Sculpture - Body Complex

Heathered Pearls

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Body Complex Sculpture $130.00 Add to Cart
 The artwork is an integral aspect of Body Complex, especially as it was conceived around an object designed by Jakub Alexander (Heathered Pearls). "The shape came from wanting to create an imperfect sculpture that, from a distance, looks like a display piece," he shares, "but when you get closer and you have more time with it, you see its flaws." And that sort of ever-changing perspective reflects how the album itself can be heard differently in various contexts. It's the first building block in my 'complex' of music and artificial structures.


  • Materials: Hydrostone
  • Dimensions: 6.875" tall, 6.875" wide
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Open Edition 

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