The Ghostly Store is pleased to offer Bleep:10, a celebration of ten years of music on Bleep. 

"Bleep:10 is a celebration of ten years of music on Bleep. A decade of enjoying and working with some of the best artists and labels, and hopefully conveying our love of the vibrant music community we are a part of. For this fourteen track compilation we have sought out new and unreleased gems from some of our favourite artists, all of whom continue to shape the direction of the Bleep store. Together they represent different labels, scenes and genres that are important to us.

We open the compilation with an enveloping, never before released track from Wolfgang Voigt's revered Gas project. Lone provides his first new track since last year's massive 'Air Glow Fires', whilst there is further explosive dance floor material from Untold, μ-Ziq, Modeselektor and Byetone. Shackleton turns in a relentless track of rough and thrilling techno, while Autechre's contribution 'SYptixed' is a dark and precise piece of heavy electronic experimentation. Oneohtrix Point Never and Nosaj Thing provide moments of ambient respite, while Dabrye's playful beat track 'Click Clack' is the first solo production to be released by the artist since 2009. Nathan Fake closes the release in fine style with glistening epic 'Vanish North'."


Various Artists

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Track List
Die Wand [Gas]
Lizard King [Lone]
aeolia [Machinedrum]
Need [Oneohtrix Point Never]
I'm not into Twerk, I'm into KrafTwerk [Modeselektor]
That Horn Track [Untold]
Brainfreeze (Alt mix) [Fuck Buttons]
Click Clack [Dabrye]
Syptixed [Autechre]
Ganda Rising [Shackleton]
Particles Aligned [Nosaj Thing]
Hedges [Mu-Ziq]
Morning [Byetone]
Vanish North [Nathan Fake]

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