We are proud to be unveiling the lost releases of the Ghostly catalog. Ben Benjamin, of Midwest Product and PostPrior affiliation made these songs a decade ago and they sound as good today as they did then, if not better. A burned copy of the album ended up on the stereo at a party and caught the ear of Ghostly founder Sam Valenti IV in 2000. The signing of Midwest Product soon followed and this never-before-released album finally sees the light of day, 10 years on.

Ben Benjamin explains, "It [the album] was completed in April of 2000. I made the album for myself, never expecting anyone beyond a few friends to hear it. The title is a description of what inspired it. I would take long drives on back roads to clear my head, and I couldn't figure out what CD to play. This was before the convenience of mp3 players, and I just wanted an album that was effective in the background or foreground, allowing my attention to wander and return effortlessly. It worked for me, and it would please me a great deal if it happens to do the same for other listeners."

For Long Drives And Temporary Diversions

Ben Benjamin

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This Is Why We Rock $0.99 Buy MP3
He Writes Fiction They Write Humor $0.99 Buy MP3
Oblivious Athlete $0.99 Buy MP3
Fear Of Silence $0.99 Buy MP3
Finding The Perfect Egg $0.99 Buy MP3
Pop Singers Soft Fingers $0.99 Buy MP3
Proud People Everywhere $0.99 Buy MP3
When Is Next Practice $0.99 Buy MP3
Never Gets Easier $0.99 Buy MP3
Sometimes We Need No Sleep $0.99 Buy MP3

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