After nearly a decade of Audion—in which Matthew Dear has exorcised his dancefloor demons through sometimes heavy, occasionally dirty, always ecstatic techno—a career-spanning retrospective is not only deserved, it's welcome. Audion X culls only the best tracks from Audion's singularly reckless mind: the swarm-of-bees climax of the DEMF-defining "Mouth to Mouth" and the stair-step hook of "Look at the Moon"; the serrated mayhem of 2004's "Kisses" and 2005's Suckfish full-length, the mischievous sensuality of 2009's singles series.  And with a new Audion full-length (and accompanying A/V tour) on the horizon, X wouldn't be complete without a glimpse into the future: "Motormouth" and "Sky", two relentless new singles.



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Track List
Cloth (Just A Couch)
Mouth To Mouth
Look At The Moon
Fred's Bells
Billy Says Go
The Pong
Titty Fuck
It's Full Of Blinding Light
I Am The Car
Just Fucking
Your Place Or Mine
Just Me

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