Matthew Dear's dark reign as Audion follows its continuous arc with two new songs, "Noiser" and"Fred's Bells", picking up where "Mouth To Mouth" and the thrilling "I Gave You Away" left off. The seventh installment in the Audion series features the deepest cuts yet, providing a disturbing concoction of dancefloor magic that is distinctively Audion."Noiser" is strictly for the late-night crowd, finding the more twisted dark side of Audion re-emerging. Like a doomsday machine in its death knell, "Noiser" subversively creeps forward, only to gain momentum and tear the club apart in its mayhem."Fred's Bells" is a sign of progression into more subtle, but no less incendiary tracks, echoing Audion's chart-topping remix for Hot Chip. A hypnotic bassline creeps along while low-level chattering fetters off in the distance. This is music for the morning after(-party), replenishing your energy, as tertiary rhythms emerge from the shadows, pulling you further into the spell.

Noiser/Fred's Bells


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