Billy Says Go cut open its carrier womb, spilling its pre-birth goo onto the club floor. Like Mouth To Mouth, which spread like a deadly virus around the world, Billy Says Go found its way out to a few DJs and the requests came pouring in. That's the thing with Audion releases, they demand to be noticed by virtue of their character.A track of considerable depth and suspense, its rotating beats are the announcement that Audion is in the building, while a eerie choir is like the angel of death perched on your bedroom window. "Snap Into It" talks some sense into the Audion psyche, letting logic go on auto-pilot. It echos the assertive hypnosis of Audion tracks like "Fred's Bells", a gallant stomp.Flipping over the still wet from birth 12" will unearth a darkness called Against All Odds. Macabre in a way dancefloor tracks rarely acheive, it creeps up like a shadowed stranger. Before you reach your front door, its all buzzsaw ripping through bone and sinew. The result is dance floor devastation—pure Audion indeed.

Billy Says Go


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