Meno Mosso

Meno Mosso

Andy Gilmore

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11" x 14" Edition of 50 Edition Closed $60.00 $0.00
16" x 20" Edition of 20 Edition Closed $110.00 $0.00

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Released in the spring of 2011, Andy Gilmore's Meno Mosso left us fairly speechless, so we turned to the artist himself for a little insight:

"The meaning of meno mosso in relationship to this piece, and my work in general, is rooted in the idea of using music to manipulate one's perception of time in the creative process. Meno mosso being defined in music as less quickly.
"Since titling this piece, I have come to find that "Meno" is Plato's question of whether or not virtue is innate in man.  I find the play on words interesting—meno meaning virtue, as well as slow or less; mosso meaning to move or to move rapidly.  Ultimately I find that when the perception of time has slowed one is free to make more intuitive decisions and often at a rapid pace. 
"There is also what is called Meno's Paradox which claims "…that you can't come to know something that you didn't already know." This is very interesting to me in regards to the way that I work, in that I turn inward to find imagery—seeking inspiration in intuition. It is in this process that I seek that which is known but not known." 
Edition Details
  • 11" x 14" prints are printed with a minimum 3/4" border
  • 16" x 20" prints are printed with a minimum 1" border
  • Printed with archival ink on premium ultra smooth, 308 gsm cotton rag 
  • Each print comes with an artist-signed certificate of authenticity 

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