Having released records on various labels such as Force, Inc. and Traum, Geoff White has developed the new alias Aeroc ("EYE-rock"). With Viscous Solid, White has created a seamless album infused with ambience and melody. Aeroc occupies a rarified air in which the surreal nature of dreams and the rhythms of everyday waking existence merge to create an unusually naturalistic form of electronic music. White formed this album wholly from his own guitar lines, which is a testament to his mastery of sound formation.

"Geoff White departs from his typical minimal techno sound—well documented on releases for Cytrax, Force Inc and Traum—with his debut release for Ann Arbor's Ghostly. As Aeroc, White indulges his sentimental side, strumming feathery acoustic guitar against ruffled, glitchy beats that mimic brushed snares and cymbals. On tracks like "My Love, the Wave Break", a surprisingly jazzy sensibility bubbles up in the murky chords, but White never indulges Lounge cliches. Instead, as the angular "Rusted Dress Up" and the muddy "Wish Eyes" demonstrate, White succeeds in finding a middle ground between Dabrye's hip-hop leanings and Two Lone Swordsmen's most experimental aquatic moments." -Philip Sherburne

Viscous Solid


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Track List
my love, the wave break $0.99 Buy MP3
evolvo $0.99 Buy MP3
mahy $0.99 Buy MP3
bronze leaves fall first $0.99 Buy MP3
wish eyes $0.99 Buy MP3
rockets can't get the stars $0.99 Buy MP3
vio la $0.99 Buy MP3
ent er $0.99 Buy MP3
rusted dress up $0.99 Buy MP3
onward...upward $0.99 Buy MP3
blue eyed bitter $0.99 Buy MP3
another mere moment $0.99 Buy MP3
please go wrong $0.99 Buy MP3
and then... $0.99 Buy MP3
summer's almost over $0.99 Buy MP3

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