With the Electronic Justice 12", James T. Cotton and D'Marc Cantu saw off another thick slab of classic dance music. Opener "1MG" is a relentless Teutonic grind, tightly constructed yet engraved with enough subversive tweaks to hint at the most experimental urges of James T. Cotton's other persona, Tadd Mullinix. "Werkin House" and "Static Vision" follow close behind with the brooding squelch of a 303. And if these take us deep inside the darkest warehouse, then the title track reveals the inner depths of the artists themselves. "Electronic Justice" may well be 2AM/FM's manifesto, a rolling vocal creeper whose laser-beam pulses ebb and flow around a synthesized mantra: "Experimental vision/ This is us, who we are/ This is our religion." Fitting words to chant, shout, or whisper in the flicker of a strobe at 2am, after all.

Electronic Justice


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