About Action Method by Behance


For too long, Creatives have suffered from inefficiency, disorganization, and careers at the mercy of bureaucracy.


Behance aims to organize, connect, and empower creative careers, so the best ideas can see the light of day. Behance’s “Action” and “Dot Grid” product lines have become indispensable utilities for Creatives at work.


Back in 2006, when the Behance team was just imagining ways to organize and empower creative people, they knew that they needed to start with themselves. So the very first thing they designed was the Action Pad. Long before the launch of the Behance’s network and 99U, Behance began with paper and a mission to empower the creative world.


As Scott Belsky and Matias Corea from Behance tell the story, "Brainstorming from our apartments during the hours outside our day jobs, we used our personal Action Pads to capture and complete countless action steps that ultimately pushed Behance from vision to reality.


"In 2007, at the insistence of friends who wanted Action Pads of their own, we expanded the line and made it available online and through select stores like the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco."


Today, as a company working at the forefront of technology and social media, the Behance team - now a part of the Adobe family - still benefits from the tangible nature of Action Method products.


Ghostly and Behance partnered in 2014 to bring Behance's paper product line to more people around the world. The mission to organize and empower creative people is medium agnostic. Ghostly’s exclusive selection of Behance’s “Action” and “Dot Grid” products are your tools of the trade. We will continue to work together to grow this curated collection of the world’s best products for making ideas happen.


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