About The Ghostly Store  


Since it was founded in 1999, Ghostly International has grown from a boutique label known for its experimental-pop and techno acumen to an internationally recognized platform for the work of the world's best visual artists, designers, technologists, and musicians. Always evolving, always incorporating new sounds and new facets to its cultural identity, Ghostly still maintains its bottom line: to cater to those with open eyes and open ears.


An outgrowth of the same artistic philosophy that defines the label, The Ghostly Store has become a place to showcase not just releases from Ghostly's roster, but also the work of hand-picked creators who make up our community, as highlighted by the New York Times. We've expanded to include vinyl accessories and clothing, digital prints and artwork and journals from Action Method along with LPs, CDs and cassettes.


Over the years, Ghostly has partnered with a variety of forward-thinking creative companies including: Warby Parker, Adult Swim, Makerbot, PlayStation, Isaora and Behance. In each collaboration, we sought out partners who were thinking creatively about the work they were doing, and who would be a natural fit for Ghostly’s singular aesthetic. Though music was originally at the core of what The Ghostly Store did, it has since expanded beyond that, bringing smart, well-designed products to the world.


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