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Hex Spora

Light + Ladder

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Hex Spora $34.00 $22.00 Sold Out
Set of 2 $62.00 $44.00 Sold Out
Set of 4 $126.00 $66.00 Sold Out
Surrounding yourself with plants is the easiest way to effect a serene space. The Hex Spora planters from Light & Ladder are the perfect way to introduce a little green into your life. As an exclusive color combination for The Ghostly Store, each ceramic planter rests on a 3” dark colored maple base. Multiple planters also line up cleanly and evenly for modular display.


  • Perfect for: small succulents, chopped herbs, salt, trinkets.
  • Vessel measures 2.25" × 2.25" × 1.75".
  • Stand measures 3" × 3" × 3".

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