Full Circle Remixes (White Label)Full Circle Remixes (White Label)

Ghostly and Rush Hour have teamed up to release select tracks for a 12" white label version of Full Circle Remixes. The reinterpreted material is taken from the Brooklyn-based artist's 2010 debut full-length Full Circle. It features an impressive international group of artists taking their tools to Shigeto's originals including Dublin / NYC beatsmith Mike Slott (LuckyMe), LA's Take (Alpha Pup), London-based Om Unit and Brainfeeder's Samiyam. The result is a vital exploration of Saginaw's ever-growing catalogue as well as an essential companion to the artist's multi-faceted Full Circle.

The artists on Remixes approach Shigeto's material from a multitude of angles, playfully prying apart Saginaw's meticulously ramshackle rhythms and teasing out new subtleties. Samiyam's "Chopsticks" remix of "And We Gonna" is underpinned by a woody click-clack, lending forward momentum to the track's stair-stepping synth; Take's expert take on "Look at All the Smiling Faces" is a melancholy slice of digital psychedelia, churning and whirling like a primordial pool. Mike Slott's take on "Relentless Drag" plunges the track into a smokey abyss, adding a touch of stoned sadness to the original's lumbering menace; Mux Mool's remix of one of Shigeto's early odes to Michigan, "There Is Always Hope" (from 2010's Semi Circle EP), steers the futurist synths off the Autobahn and into the street, strutting like a summer block party. Full Circle Remixes opens with one new track, a tribal rite called "Spiritual", whose narcotic curlicues of female vocals and hypnotic repetition hint at what's next from the prolific Shigeto.

The Ghostly Store will only be getting 100 copies. This is a collaboration with Rush Hour.

Full Circle Remixes (White Label)


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Microscosmos $0.99 Buy MP3
Relentless Drag (Mike Slott Remix) $0.99 Buy MP3
Sacrificial (Om Unit Remix) $0.99 Buy MP3
And We Gonna (Samiyam Chopsticks Remix) $0.99 Buy MP3
Look At All The Smiling Faces (Take Remix) $0.99 Buy MP3

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