Body Complex, the latest record from Heathered Pearls, isn’t so much an album as it is a travelogue. Each of its 10 spacious songs evokes a specific place. “The album is about re-imagining structural shapes that could be buildings, but they’re uninhabitable,” he says. “It’s about moving those sculptures past the point of realism into something else.” Reality gets pushed even further on Body Complexity, a new remix EP featuring songs from the album re-worked by Lord RAJA and Physical Therapy.

Physical Therapy, known for his Allergy Season label and residency on Berlin Community Radio, turns in two remixes of “Interior Architecture Structure,” both of which reconfigure the tracks base of blinking electronics and moody atmospherics in different ways. The aptly-titled “Strength Mix” puts an emphasis on the rhythm, shoving it to the front of the mix while the synths glow softly in the background. The “Speed” remix makes the quiet song feel frantic, grounding it in skittering percussion. And Ghostly label-mate Lord RAJA takes the softly-pooling “Perfume Catalog” into a whole different genre by delivering a heady and menacing beat rendition. Taken together, they’re proof of the many worlds that exist inside Body Complex—these are three more stops along the journey.

Body Complexity

Heathered Pearls

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