Six months after Beacon released their second full-length, Escapements, comes eight new edits that expand, rework, and uncover sounds that are buried deep in the texture of the original tracks. Tomas Barfod’s reimagining of “IM U” takes the listener through a jungle of percussion while Thomas Mullarney’s vocal line glides over the accelerated bass lick amid a pool of harmonies and reverb. Time Wharp’s take on “Hollow” starts with a swirling mesh of overlapping loops before it snaps into a dark midnight shuffle. On his take of “Escapements,” Ghostly’s own Logan Takahashi reconfigures the track with a mysterious and driving atmosphere, shimmering with maracas, rain sticks and stretched vocals. Additional remixes by Kim Ann Foxman, Nitemoves, BAILE, TWINKIDS, and Applescal round out the remainder of the EP.

Escapements Remixes


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IM U (Nitemoves Remix) $0.99 Buy MP3
Preserve (Kim Ann Foxman Remix) $0.99 Buy MP3
IM U (Tomas Barfod Remix) $0.99 Buy MP3
Hollow (Time Wharp Remix) $0.99 Buy MP3
Escapements (BAILE Remix) $0.99 Buy MP3
Cure (TWINKIDS Remix) $0.99 Buy MP3
Escapements (Logan Takahashi Remix) $0.99 Buy MP3
You’re Wondering (Applescal Remix) $0.99 Buy MP3

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