Peter Grummich follows his massive Spectral debut Searoom with The Roll, this time bringing a more prevalent sense of melody, but still rock-solid in his mastery of Berlin-influenced rhythms. “Pt. 1” carefully develops around a scissor-snipping beat and humming, boisterous synth line, slowly adding melodic flourishes and complex percussion arrangements that would be well at home in any European club. “Pt. 2” stomps and grits its teeth, snapping all the way through with variations on an infectious, buzzing synth theme. Again proving himself a master of the late-night dance floor, Peter Grummich remains one of the finest, most in-tune producers of deep, jacking house in the world; The Roll is a prime example of the perfect convergence of rhythm and mood, and deserves a sure spot in the tech-house lexicon.

The Roll

Peter Grummich

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