Benoit & Sergio excel at creating a sense of place in their music, constructing dusky, romantic spaces in which dance and pop music conspire in hushed tones. "Midnight People", the Washington, DC duo's first single on Spectral Sound, is a noir anthem for heartbroken hedonists, a tech-house ode to furtive glances and bad decisions. Handclaps and pianos, melodramatic synthesizers and wafer-thin vocal samples push the beat along, but it's the track's air of desperation and psychedelic dread that makes "Midnight People" such a reality-defying listen.

The "Midnight People" 12" and digital single includes two careening techno remixes by Technasia, in which the Paris-based producer sends the track spinning into the delirious, club-amped stratosphere. "Technasia Dub 1" features a series of head-spinning climaxes; "Technasia Dub 2" specializes in shoulder-rolling syncopation.

Midnight People

Benoit & Sergio

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