PRODUCT NOTE: The vinyl version, which comes in a full art sleeve jacket, was released for Record Day on April 16, 2011. The Ghostly Store has an extremely limited supply of less than 100 copies available for sale.

Gold Panda's "Marriage"—the second single from the UK producer's watershed full-length Lucky Shiner—further explores the artist's dancefloor inclinations, with a twist. "Marriage" traffics in weightless forward momentum, placing dusty, Field-like micro-samples end to end until they into a seamless band across the horizon. An Asian instrument pings out a simple, contemplative melody; the roar of an overhead jet engine signals the song's midpoint. As with Gold Panda's best work, "Marriage"'s earthy source material transcends its origins, combining into a work of high-flying emotional art.

The "Marriage" digital single comes packaged with three very different remixes: UK producer Star Slinger cuts the track into a frantic halftime beat and drenches it in ecstatic synth pads; Los Angeles bedroom auteur Baths bakes the track into a honey-dripped analog confection, adding warm rhodes and wisps of his own falsetto vocals; and UK artist Forest Swords strips away everything but the melody, offering a slow-moving tribal rite—all gently plucked acoustic guitars, reverb'd drums, and eerily chanted vocals.


Gold Panda

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